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A boiler is a highly efficient alternative to forced air heating. Because boiler systems do not move air, you can relax without the drafts and noise associated with some forced-air systems. You’ll enjoy endless domestic hot water!

Heating Your Home with Water

Your home’s boiler is the core of your hydronic heating system. Hydronic heating uses water as a means of distributing heat throughout your home. We provide first-class water boilers and hydronic heating at Brian Easton & Sons Heating and Air Conditioning in St. Catharines, along with installation, replacements, repairs, services, sales and maintenance.

Don’t Waste Energy Dollars!

Regular tune-ups and maintenance are essential to the life and operation of your boiler. While it might continue to heat your home, a boiler that is not well maintained can waste energy and money. Call Brian Easton & Sons Heating and Air Conditioning for new boilers and service today.

Boiler FAQ's:

Q: What size boiler do I need?

A: The boiler size needed depends on the construction of the house, the size and type of heating system and the geographical location of the house. A detailed heat loss analysis should be done by our qualified heating specialist to determine the proper sizing.

Q: Should I be concerned about combustion air?

A: Both quantity and/or quality of combustion air can affect the safe operation of your boiler. It is necessary to ensure that the boiler is provided with enough clean air for proper operation.

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